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More than just white coats standing in the middle....

The role of an umpire

The Umpires Team is made up of much more than just the two umpires standing at each end of the pitch.

Umpires (and all officials) are the "third team". 

Whether that is just you and your colleague (plus scorers and other stakeholders like groundstaff) or in bigger games how on-field umpires interactions with the 3rd & 4th umpires and other members of the team like the Match Referee.

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Umpire Signals

Ever wondered what all of the different signals that an umpire makes mean when they are being used during a match?

Look no further as we explain all of the most frequently used signals from the umpires right around the world of cricket.

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MCC Laws of Cricket

MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club - London) are the custodians of the Laws of Cricket and are responsible for the debating, decision making and drafting of the Laws.

Their website is a fountain of knowledge with copies of the most recent Laws, plus animation videos (also available on YouTube) and even a full, and free, eLearning facility here


More than just pens & paper....

How to score

How do you keep score in cricket? Sometimes it can seem a little complicated but this video will teach you everything from running between the wickets to boundaries to those all important extras. Remember, every run counts!

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