CSMOA - The home of Cricket officiating in Scotland

The Cricket Scotland Match Officials Association (CSMOA) formed in late 2020 as an amalgamation of the two main cricket officiating bodies in Scotland, ESCOA (East) and WoSACO (West). It was felt that a single national body would be more efficient in administering officiating across the whole of Scotland, bringing together years of expertise from the founding organisations into one place. It is hoped that this will bring benefits to all involved with CSMOA, from the officials themselves, through to the wider cricketing community including players, clubs and leagues in Scotland.

CSMOA continues the work of these founding organisations, continuously improving the quality of cricket officiating across Scotland at all levels including local leagues and wider regional, national and international competitions by supporting its members through all different grades of cricket. 

CSMOA regularly liases with its members across the country, as well as a strong affiliation and relationship with Cricket Scotland.

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CSMOA Secretary
National Cricket Academy
Ravelston, Edinburgh
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