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Upcoming Courses - new umpires

CSMOA is proud to announce to its members, and more importantly, prospective members of the intention to hold Umpires' Training Courses in 2021.

Obviously, due to the present circumstances with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic & restrictions, the delivery format will likely be changed compared to previous years (online sessions vs. face-to-face).

We however feel this is a great opportunity to reach those who would otherwise not have been able to attend our weekend or evening face-to-face sessions in previous years. Some Scottish Stage 2 courses in early 2020 that had already started were completed via an online session.

We are now looking for those who are interested in receiving further information about these courses (format, times etc.) to contact CSMOA Recruitment via either directly, via the CSMOA website contact form 

CSMOA Domestic Umpires Manager

Billy McPate


CSMOA Domestic Umpires Manager
c/o Billy McPate
National Cricket Academy
Ravelston, Edinburgh


+44 (0)7792 018641

  • Head of Umpire Recruitment & Education (new umpires)                                      Allan Jack -
  • Head of Umpire Development (existing umpires)                                                          Mike Nash -                                                          
  •         Mentoring coordinator                                                                                                         Alex Dowdalls -
  •         Umpire Development Officers                                                                                           Ian Marland (Caledonian) -                                                   Clive Allen (East) -                                                                       Ronnie Gilliland (West) -
  • Head of Match Discipline                                                                                                      David McLean -
  • Head of Umpire & Observer Appointments                                                            Willie Ferguson -
  •         Appointments Officers                                                                                                         Steve Murphy  -                                                         Craig MacDonell - same email as above
Correspondence Address

CSMOA Secretary
c/o Neil Cauldwell
National Cricket Academy
Ravelston, Edinburgh

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